Mold Inspections

Mold Inspections

5 Star Home Inspections Inc. can determine a mold infestation!

Mold Inspection Services

5 Star only inspects, diagnoses, tests and offers options of remediation. 5 Star does not perform the actual cleaning or repair work, and has absolutely no financial nor business relationship with any company that does perform that work.

  • We are in Certified Mold Inspection
  • A member of the International Association of Certified Indoor Air Consultants
  • We have equipment designed specifically for Mold Inspections
  • We deal with one of the nation’s largest and most respectable Analysis Laboratories
  • We provide clear and concise information throughout the Mold Inspection

Steps Used To Inspect For Mold:

We have a methodical, 4 step process, that allows us to diagnose a mold infestation, while also providing consultation on remediation options.

  1. Phone consultation with the client. 5 Star will gather information pertinent to the clients concerns and answer any general questions about the project.
  2. We will visually inspect the property and develop a hypothesis.
  3. Strategically collect samples from the property and send them to the laboratory for analysis.
  4. Explain the laboratory results to the client along with remediation options.

Mold Inspection

Information About Mold

What is mold?

Molds are organisms that may be found indoors and outdoors. They are part of the natural environment and play an important role in the environment by breaking down and digesting organic material, such as dead leaves.

What does mold do?

Mold eats or digests what it is growing on, it can damage a building and its furnishings. If left unchecked, mold eventually can cause structural damage to building materials.
Inhaling or touching mold or mold spores may cause allergic reactions in sensitive individuals. Mold does not have to be alive to cause an allergic reaction. Dead or alive, mold can cause allergic reactions in some people.

Where is the mold?

Mold can grow in wet or damp spots in a building, or where humidity is high. In some cases, indoor mold growth may not be obvious. Mold does not need light to grow: it can grow in dark areas and on hidden surfaces, such as the backside of drywall, wallpaper, and paneling; the top side of ceiling tiles; and the underside of carpets and pads.

How do I find mold?

Mold can be visible to the eye. Mold can give off a musty or moldy smell which may indicate a hidden mold growth.

How can I get rid of mold?

Remediation of mold should be handled by an experienced professional.

5 Star Mold Inspection & Testing Services

Limited Mold Inspection

Concentrated to the areas identified by the client. We will focus our attention to these particular areas, and follow the inspection steps above.

Call for the cost on this type of inspection which includes two samples sent to the laboratory for analysis. Samples may consist of Air-O-Cell, Bio Tape Slides, Sterile Surface Swab, additional samples are priced at $60.00 per sample.

Complete Mold Inspection

A complete and thorough top to bottom visual inspection, including attics and crawlspaces or basement, and follow the inspection steps above. Two outside air samples, one indoor air sample, minimum.

Call for the cost on this type of inspection, plus any additionally deemed necessary indoor samples sent to the laboratory for analysis. Samples may consist of Air-O-Cell, Bio Tape Slides, Sterile Surface Swab, priced at $60.00 per sample.

Mold Inspection Details

Agar Plate sample for Viable molds priced at $64.95 to $104.95 depending on the detail of the report needed from the laboratory.

  • There may be as much as a 72 hour lab processing time, including shipping for nonviable samples.
  • Viable samples will need 6 - 10 days laboratory processing time.

Mold will not go away on its own and can be destroying home and health daily.

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