Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging

5 Star Home Inspections Inc. uses Thermal Imaging to diagnose problems during home inspections!

Thermal Imaging Inspection

Thermal Imaging Services

Infrared Technology

A thermal imaging camera is often used during a home inspection. Infrared Thermal Imaging camera will assist in discovering what the naked eye can't.

As a certified Thermographer, I can discover various problems with my equipment. My Infrared Thermal Imaging camera will assist in my findings by seeing more than the naked eye. The results are amazingly accurate.


Who can benefit from this Infrared Thermal Service?

  • Home Buyer
  • Home Seller
  • Construction Contractor
  • Roofing Contractor
  • HAVC Contractor
  • Electrical Contractor

Areas of Inspection

5 Star Home Inspections Inc. will scan all electrical panels, floors, walls, ceilings and attic areas that are accessible of the house and garage. Pictures are taken in areas of concern. Document all the findings into a simple to read professional report, which is emailed to you within 24hrs of the inspection.

Examples of Infrared Testing

The above is just one example of how purchasing my Infrared Thermal Imaging Service along with a Home Inspection will help uncover more hidden deficiencies and unexpected cost in your purchase.

Circuit Board Infrared Test Main breaker panel with a suspected 20 amp over-loaded breaker. The IR camera confirmed it was under a load, but not over-loaded.

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